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How to write a successful CV

The term CV is short for the Latin phrase 'curriculum vitae' which simply means 'direction of life'. In today's working world, a CV is a personalised document used by job seekers to provide a concise insight and overview into who they are, their educational and employment history, skills, interests, achievments and contact details. Along with a cover letter, CVs are one of the first things seen of a candidate by a prospective employer as you are required to supply them when applying for a job.

When a company advertises a vacancy, they will create a candidate specification that outlines the skills and experiences required to fulfil the roles and duties expected of the vacant position. During the application process, employers will review and compare candidate CVs with the specification in order to see how closely the two match. This is done to ensure that the most suitable candidate is selected.

Writing a CV

There's no proven formula to CV writing, but there are some key do's and don'ts. As an introduction to who you are, your CV needs to be easy to digest as you may only have 10-15 seconds to impress the employer, who may only glance over your CV. Make it positive, snappy and concise. Sticking to one or two sides of A4, include only relevant information regarding your employment and education background. Double-check your spelling and grammar, but don't solely rely on spell checking tools. Read over it with fresh eyes and get a friend to proofread it for you, too.

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